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Mansoura University Hotel is a new level of luxury and magnificence among the hotels in the city of Mansoura. As this hotel is One sign of prosperity in the tip of the kindergarten, like Port Indigo is characterized by quiet and the hotel offers its guests an ideal location average in the heart of business and commercial activity, is also characterized by near attractions cultural and tourism along the banks of the Nile River city of Mansoura.

Has been designed hotel tower consisting of 78 rooms and 8 suites, overlooks the enchanting landscape Indigo kernels. Granted residence in any of the rooms and suites a feeling of pleasant and comfortable revitalize. So in tune with its unique position on the banks of the Nile, and gives its guests in all rooms viewing angles wonderful to win both of the windows of the rooms, or terrace, or the benefits and services, hotel, or lounges and concert halls are equipped with beautiful decorations, characterized by balconies and windows overlooking the Nile.
Has been designed rooms and suites hotel, Mansoura University, to suit the traveler the most selection, with the addition of a new dimension to the service of the inmate in person through the waiting rooms, which are characterized by privacy within the club reception.

As the hotel seeks to serve the guests from around the world, it offers a fantastic array of international foods, including fountains, attractive, decorated with natural rock and has a glass views given wide vision of the Nile, in addition to the open spaces on the banks of the Nile. And Marquis, Grand Hyatt Cairo's yacht, the Special, which includes three distinct places to meet all the needs of visitors from the cuisine beverages was moored to the banks of the Nile or during the Nile cruises.

Whatever the purpose of your stay, for business or for pleasure, the hotel, Mansoura University, the best choice for you when you visit the city of Mansoura.


Design Hotel Grand Hyatt Cairo is suitable for travelers who want the highest levels of service, whether for work or for entertainment. The hotel facilities include a health club contains a large gym equipped with all devices, adjoining an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and massage gives our guests in the vitality of youth and masks and massage of the face and skin. >> It also includes hotel rooms for conferences and concerts suitable for all needs, ranging from the closed meetings of the small number, to conferences and large celebrations. These include the space of three concert halls are all overlooking panoramic river views. The hotel also several places in the open air concerts and meetings serve to accommodate the guests arriving to 400 guests.




01th August,2010
Started the season's training staff the front offices of Department of Hotel, Mansoura University



02th July,2010
Season began concerts and weddings, Mansoura University Summer Hotel


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